Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Day 64 Driving

Simon's Town
Here we are on day 64 since landing on 1 Feb 2016. I had tried getting a drivers License before leaving SA but no luck - couldn't even get out of the testing yard. In my last attempt I almost reverse alley docked over the examinator and a bunch of cones. Fail!

Now I'm here that was on my list to fix - yes, there is a list. No, I'm not Sint (but round enough to make sure I don't wear too much red just in case it causes confusion).

On Day 2 I booked my Learners and wrote and passed on 2<Day <64 (I should have started this thing earlier, shouldn't I?),

Anyway, today was driving lesson one, and though I didn't drive in Chile and the Netherlands, I cycled enough in the Netherlands to pick up one instinctive detail that makes my driving exiting for those around me....

By default I want to drive on the right side of the road. Oops! Hopefully that will improve. For now, just watch out for any cars on the wrong side of the road in the Fish Hoek area, okay?

Kommetje, Sunnydale and Fish Hoek now have one more frustration one the road. Sudden breaking - CHECK. About 20kms below speed limit - CHECK. Stalling - CHECK. Slow to start once the robot goes green - CHECK. You have been warned. (Fortunately the instructor has seen it all before, so strong nerves there).

[And still no job  - we will get to that particular situation and my gripes there later].

Saturday, 26 March 2016

Back in Cape Town after 8 Years

En route to Cape Town
After living abroad for more than 8 years I return to South Africa. This was not my first choice. Sometimes you simply don't have many choices at all.

I'm writing this blog with the purpose of using it to compile and organise my mental notes and experiences of this in order to write a book about it all later. Perhaps I should have done this sooner - I have been back since the 1 Feb 2016. 

Sunday, 27 December 2015

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